“According to Manuel Castells (1996, 1997, 1997a), the dynamic complexities of the information age are giving rise to both new forms of state organisation – ‘the network state’ – and new forms of societal organisation – ‘the network society’. In both cases, although the Internet and associated technologies are not conceived as simple causal mediums of change, they are certainly central in enabling these to emerge in this particular formation. In Castellian terms…where the older communications networks of the nation-state system were vertical, hierarchical and one-directional, the digital information industries made possible by the Net promise horizontal and inter-actional patterns of circulation and flow…the digitally democratised state will be multi-centred, networked and decentralised in form. As informationalism becomes the axial principle of the network society, the previously demarcated spheres of culture, society, technology and politics become de-differentiated when reproduced through the ‘logic of the network’ (Castells, 1996)” | Taken from Making Cultures Digital: Access, Interactivity, and Authenticity by Martin Hand/Ashgate Publishing

Is it more worrying that I understood this?