“We are very excited to announce the official launch of Prism, a digital tool for generating crowd-sourced interpretations of texts. It is the practicum project 

of six humanities graduate students in the Praxis Program at the University of Virginia Scholars’ Lab.

Prism is an experiment in crowd-sourcing, which until now has only made
fact-checkers and copy editors of the ‘crowd’. One of the fundamental questions behind Prism is: what happens when the ‘crowd’ is asked to imagine and interpret, rather than merely transcribe?

Users interact subjectively with a text and contribute to a collective interpretive energy that has infinite possibilities beyond the highlighting exercise itself – in research, in the classroom, or in engaging and experimenting with larger data in the humanities (computational linguistics and text mining, for example). The goal of Prism is to produce aesthetic provocations, that is, visualizations that incite and encourage conversation.

Please feel free to comment and offer feedback on the Scholars’ Lab blog.

Prism is open source and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License: https://github.com/scholarslab/prism

Taken from Humanist Discussion Group 25.928: crowd-sourced interpretation.


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