“The Digital Humanities and the Transcending of Mortality”

“…the “myth” of the stand-alone, masterful author is exposed for the fiction it is by the new forms of communication — blogs, links, hypertext, re-mixes, mash-ups, multi-modalities and much more — that have emerged with the development of digital technology.

The effect of these technologies is to transform a hitherto linear experience — a lone reader facing a stable text provided by an author who dictates the shape of reading by doling out information in a sequence he controls — into a multi-directional experience in which voices (and images) enter, interact and proliferate in ways that decenter the authority of the author who becomes just another participant.”


A New York Times blog post (or “column”, depending on whether you’re happy to accede to Stanley Fish’s interpretation) which decries the “elimination of the individual” and suggests that the “new enlightenment” as envisaged by Jimmy Wales is a theological concept, and the digital humanities are “an insurgent humanities”.



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